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Friday, May 6, 2022

Mets win in a crazy one last night


That was some game last night. I know everyone says that the combined no hitter was special, but I feel that win last night was even more of a defining “moment” for this team. Down 7-1 in the top of the ninth inning and the Mets clawed their way back to win 8-7 by scoring seven, yes seven, runs in the ninth inning. In the past this team would have been dead in the water and you could shut off your radio or tv and just chalk it up as a loss and the Mets having a bad game after a rough series with the Braves. Nope. They came back. Things broke their way and they came back. 

I know you guys are going to call me crazy but this feels more special than a no-hitter thrown by five pitchers. Hear me out. For the hitters to be able to pull this off against major league pitchers in one inning having only three outs vs a team having a chance of breaking up a no hitter with 27 outs is way more impactful at least to me. Let’s see how the Mets continue playing this series in Philly and if they can keep up this miraculous pace of winning. Also did you guys see Marté hit that home run after arguing the previous strike by the umpire? That was something that would usually go against the Mets.

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