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Friday, January 1, 2021

Virtual Queens Baseball Convention thoughts.

Happy New Year everyone. I decided to drop some news today. Dan and myself have decided that we are going to try to run a virtual QBC event in the near future. When is it you ask? We have to work on that. Who’s going to be the guests you ask? Again, we are working on that too. So, what is it that you are announcing then? Well. What I am announcing is that I will be trying to do test broadcasts.s Why am I going to do these test shows? I want to iron out any kinks so the day we do have the Virtual QBC we will hopefully have zero issues with it. I am going to figure out the best way to deliver the broadcasts.  We will announce when we are doing the shows.

Here is the one thing I am going to crowdsource to figure out. We will need to pay for the former or current player(s) to bring on as talent. We are trying to figure out how to deliver this to you guys. Should we charge the amount and give a link and password on twitter? If we did charge like this it wouldn't be anything ridiculous money wise. Probably around the price of a combo meal at a fast food joint. Now if we did that, it wouldn't just be for the player panel(s). There would also be other panels throughout the day also. Do we let you guys pay what you want and just give out our PayPal info and you send in a suggested donation? It could also be pay what you think is fair and we just leave the streams open to anyone to see? I would put the broadcast on a platform where you guys can ask questions via chat so it would be like doing the Q and A at the end of the panels.

Let me know what you guys think via our facebook, twitter, email, or even leave comments on this post.


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