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Sunday, January 31, 2021

One panelist leaves. New panelist comes in for the State of the Mets.

On Friday, I got an email from Mark Healey the host of The State of the Mets Panel that one of the participants had to drop out. Michael Mayer formerly of MetsMerized Online wasn't able to be a part of the panel. No reason was given and no reason was asked by us over at the QBC. To be 100 percent transparent, we let Mark pick who he wants to be on the panel and he always asked if we are cool with who he picks. 99 percent of the time we haven't had a problem with the picks. Mark does a great job every year and he has been able to pivot and get another great participant. He was able to get Lori Rubinson for the panel.

We thank Lori (@LRubinson on twitter) who has been kind enough to join Mark Healey, Joe DeMayo and Tim B. Healey on the State of the Mets panel at Virtual QBC 2021 this Saturday 2/6/21.

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Just so you guys know the replacement had nothing to do with what has happened over the weekend with some blogs and what is going on with them.

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