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Monday, January 25, 2021

The @QBConvention is free. We are accepting tips though.


Hey guys. We can't wait until Saturday Feb 6, 2021. The first ever Virtual Queens Baseball Convention is that day. We have a pretty full day planned. We have State of the Mets Panel returning, SNY's Baseball Night in NY returning. The Black Jersey, Yay or Nay panel. The Mets Fan Artist Panel. The Super Joe McEwing Panel and we might have one or two more panels but we can't promise that right now. And yes, we are doing this for free. That's right. We are doing it for free but we are adding a virtual "Tip Jar". I have included it on this blog in the right hand corner and will include it in the bottom of this post. The suggested donation is going to be $5.00. Now you don't have to give anything at all if you don't want to. We just put this up to help recoup some of the money from paying for the tech to stream, getting Joe McEwing and putting whatever we have left over towards the in person QBC that we still have plans for at Mulcahy's when we can return to hanging with each other.

Dan and I are working our butts off as usual to make this a great event. We aren't as stressed as we usual are trying to make it work and making sure we made enough money to cover the player and venue fees and not have to go into our own pockets. We are doing this Virtual QBC as a thank you for all the support over the years and we think all need something fun to be a part of after the way the last year has been. So the tip jar is here as a suggestion and you are no way obligated to put anything in if you don't want to.

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Click the graphic QBC Virtual Tip Jar above to leave a tip. Thanks everyone.

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