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Saturday, January 30, 2021

How some folks are seeing Steve Cohen right now.


With all this stuff going on with Steve Cohen, Gamestop and, Hedgefunds, some folks are looking at Steve Cohen as a super villain now. Now I told you guys even though you were cheering that Steve Cohen wasn't Wilpons and you might start turning on Cohen after the honeymoon period. I am not going to say that I am super knowledgeable with how stock market/hedge funds work, but I know people who work in that world and they have explained to me that what Steve Cohen and his Point72 group did nothing illegal.

Right now these guys are seeing Cohen like Lex Luthor right now.

You guys got a look behind the curtain on how Uncle Steve made his money to buy the Mets and pay for players. This was how the sausage was made and folks now don't like it.  With him closing down his twitter account, I am sure there were legal eagles in his legal department that told him to stop engaging with the fans, trolls, and Portnoys of the world in case he says anything he shouldn't. It could have been something innocuous but who knows.

Relax. This is the same Steve Cohen you guys were all lauding when he bought the team and no, the finances with the Mets aren't going to be in trouble.

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