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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gofundme for former Mets Security Sean Dean

I knew both Shannon Forde and Sean Dean. Shannon was the Den Mother for the bloggers back in the day and she really looked out for us. She treated us like we mattered as fans and a conduit to other Mets fans. She was loved by everyone in the organization and she was someone who was taken from us way too early. I remember there were fundraisers for her family. The money raised was to go towards college finds and expenses the family might have run into. I do not remember if the Mets did anything money wise, but if they did, I am sure it was mostly kept quiet. 

Sean Dean. I met him through my friends MJ and Nancy and he was a super guy. Always helpful and nice to me. Would give a wave from the field during BP and the few convos we had were fun. Jay Horwitz was a friend and colleague to Sean and wanted to do something nice to help Sean's family out in this sad time. People on Twitter assumed the family is in dire straits and that the Gofundme is set up because of this. These same folks are saying the Mets should be held accountable for not taking care of Sean's family. Who knows what the Mets have of have not done for Sean's family. Stop jumping to conclusions. Jay set this up to try to make sure that his friend's kids have money for college or any other necessity that they might need independent from the Mets organization. It's not like he set it up to replace a PS4 that was stolen out of his apartment like some other folks have done in the past. Don't make this about what you "think" the Mets organization has or has not done. 

If you feel so inlined, the link for the Gofundme page is in Jay's embedded tweet.


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