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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Willets Point:” Shady Land” Grab coming under fire

Maybe folks should listen to me and Shannon from Metspolice keep telling you guys to watch this:
Former City Council member and current District Leader Hiram Monserrate, who negotiated the original 2008 plan, said the 17 acres of city-owned property that is vacant should be used to create desperately needed affordable housing.

“The city spent $200 million dollars in acquiring 23 acres and pushed out 60 small mom and pop shops owned and operated by mostly immigrant Latinos,” said Monserrate. They were displaced because the city promised 2,000 affordable housing units and more.”

Monserrate added, “The people have been subjected to broken promise after broken promise. This must change, we need real public investment for affordable housing and an end to deals that unfairly benefit the super rich.”

Rolandi Bini, of Parents in Action, called the two-acre dollar deal a “greedy corrupt land grab.”
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