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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mike Piazza's wife hated his soccer team buy.

This made me laugh.You all know I can't stand soccer. I am not going to knock anyone one who enjoys it because to each their own but when I saw that Mrs. Piazza wasn't a fan of buying into "Pittsburgh" it made me laugh.

From the NY Post

“Who the f–k ever heard of Reggio Emilia?” said Alicia Piazza, 46. “It’s not Venice. It’s not Rome. My girlfriend said, and you can quote this — and this really depressed me. She said, ‘Honey, you bought into Pittsburgh.’ Like, it wasn’t the New York Yankees. It wasn’t the Mets. It wasn’t the Dodgers. You bought Pittsburgh!”
Of course, Piazza’s idea of resurrecting Reggiana didn’t work out. Piazza hoped to reshape the club and raise it from Italy’s third division to Serie A, in which it last competed in 1997. However, numerous financial missteps that are detailed in the piece showed how Reggiana wound up failing and declaring bankruptcy in July.
“It was f–king hell,” Alicia told the website of the June 2016 purchase over wine and cheese.
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