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Monday, December 17, 2018

Is there a culture change happening at Citi Field?

The Mets customer service is responding quicker to issues presented by fans on twitter. Jeff Wilpon has been popping up more in “public” and not just hiding behind his curtain up in the Emerald City.
The GM is making moves with signings and trades. Even though not everyone is sold on the Cano/Diaz trade, at least they are trying to do something that they haven’t done in years. Make the team and organization better.

I’ve become known by Mets fans as one of the guys that has the Mets ears when it comes to fan customer service. And so far this is the first off season where I haven’t gotten a lot of complaints about the ticketing or the way employees of the Mets have treated fans. That’s a positive that folks won’t see written in the papers but just in blogs like mine.

Then Chief Brodie has come in making moves. It’s weird seeing moves being made. I think I’ve been conditioned by the Mets over the last almost decade that they will usually just do one  “big” move and that’s it. Hey we signed so and so. We made a big move, huuuuuggggeee. And now we got a reliever that’s been hurt for 2 yrs on a bargain. It’s a win win for us. Low cost and if he does well woohoo!

Hopefully this change of culture continues and the Mets can kee morphing into an elite organization and a contender year after year for a while.

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