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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Are these Mets trade talks a distraction?

As I was lying in bed last night about to go to sleep, a thought shot into my head. What if this whole Three team deal rumor is all smoke and mirrors. Maybe they Mets and Chief Brodie are “talking” to these teams to get more teams interested in a possible trade.

Maybe this is being put out there so that the Mets look like they are willing to wheel and deal.  From why I have heard, ticket plan renewals have significantly dropped and you can see by the Mets Holiday Pack, that it seems like they are trying to move tickets.

Are these rumors around so BVW and the Wilpons can turn around and say,”Hey we tried to make some splashes with trades, but hey look who we signed. Making in moves BAY BAY!”
I feel there is a lot of sleight of hand being done here.
QBC 2019
This is going to be a very interesting QBC 2019. Who knows what is going to happen between today and Saturday Jan 19, 2019. Last year the week leading up to QBC ‘18, there were rumors that Brandon Nimmo was going to be traded to Pittsburgh and we would have had a great going away party for him it did happen. We have State of the Mets panel to talk about all the stuff going on this off season.SNy is the Shea Anything Podcast and Baseball Night NY as panels. We have the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award being presented. We have another panel we are waiting to announce. And of course we have Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool Signing autographs and doing panels.

There are less the. Sixty tickets left and when they sell out online, there won’t be any sold at the door.
Get your tickets at

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