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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"We came here to win rings"- @mets Edwin Diaz

So Cano and Diaz came here to win rings. Did they sign as free agents? Did Diaz have a choice about coming to the Mets? He didn’t have a no trade clause right? So you came here because you were traded to the Mets not because you were a free agent and you chose to come here and try to win championships.
Now that being said, if that is indeed your feelings and you want to win a championship or two with the Mets welcome aboard and hopefully this will pan out. The Mets have few more pieces to put into place and I don’t know if they will do the right thing and spend money but spend money on the best players to make that fit. Also, I am not opposed to moving Conforto for Realmuto.

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