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Saturday, September 23, 2023

QBC 2023 Ticket On Sale Date.


Saturday December 2nd 2023 is not too far away. I mean it is but it isn't but it will definitely sneak up on us soon. You guys ready for another fun day at Four Points Flushing? You guys ready to hang out and hear  great panels that have been at the Queens Baseball Convention in the past? 

You already heard that we are bringing in Terry Collins, Billy Wagner, and Cliff Floyd for a panel and a signing each. You guys know we have Mark Healey with the State of the Mets Panel. We have an awesome host in John Saponaro. You already know we have awesome vendors that came to sell there wares. You know we have our partnership with Katch Astoria that has awesome food. What you don't know is the date tickets go on sale. Well that changes now.

The on sale date for QBC 2023 will be Monday October 2, 2023. Yep the day after the baseball season is over we are ready to help our fellow fans reset mentally for next season. As usual and sites will be two of the ways to buys tickets.

Some quick notes. 

We have to raise prices this year to meet up with inflation costs. Travel and accommodations for the guests have gone up. We also have to pay more for the venue, guests, and incidentals for QBC. It won't be anything too crazy. 

Folks have asked for General Admission tickets without autographs as an option. We have tried it int he past, it wasn't the best but we will try it again.

There will be: 

GA tickets

Admission Ticket with Terry Collins Auto

Admission Ticket with Billy Wagner Auto

Admission Ticket with Cliff Floyd Auto

VIP Orange Package

VIP Blue Table Package

Extra Auto Tickets and Inscription Tickets

We will have more information in the coming days about pricing and what is included with the different packages,

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Dan said...

So can you explain the blue and orange tables and what the differences are ?

Media Goon said...

I'll break everything down in the pricing post next week. Basically the Orange package is a combo package with just seats. The Blue Tables are a combo package with seats and a dedicated table.