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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

@Mets fans not happy with @Citifield ticket plan renewal.

 Darren over at the7line wants to know what all the hub bub is going on about the email that ticket plan holders received. Yesterday I put up a post with some of the folks messaging me about the ticket prices that jumped up, the discount parking that jumped up, the tenure system, the reduced playoff strip size, and more. Let's see the responses to Darren.

As you can see so far some plans were jacked up between 20 to 24 percent. The tenure system to give plan holders different perks given on tenure attendance and how much you pay for a plan. They also changed up the ticket swap for unused tickets.

Now let's see what folks are saying to me on my account.

I've gotten a lot more DMs and emails from other fans that aren't happy with the way the organization is treating its long time fans. I want to ask you Mets, what is going on here?

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