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Monday, September 18, 2023

@Mets ticketing not being loyal to Mets fans?

This was just sent into me by a reader of the blog and a die hard Mets fan.

new for 2024… half season plan holders… we took away your full postseason 
strip access, thanks for your loyalty… Thanks mets, this may now be the end 
of my season tickets. Half season holders only get half postseason strip 
options… my seat location was always subject to moving around 
which is fine and i understand but having full strip access was always by 
selling point… just spoke to my rep and he confirmed it only full 
season members can purchase full strips up front. After that whater 
is left will then be offered to other plan holder… 41 games isnt enough 
anymore lol.

That's a great way to reward loyal fans that have stuck by this organization in the good times and the bad. I don't get what they are doing in ticketing these days.

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