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Saturday, September 30, 2023

More @Mets fans weigh in on ticket plan tenure


It seems he post from Nick Schiavo  about Mets ticket plan holders really resonated with folks yesterday. You can read that here. You can also read the responses to it in this post!


Anonymous said...

Well said Nick. The tenure is just money spent. I have been a plan holder since 2011. I have a 20 game field box. I am gold. If I was in the upper deck I would be blue. The color tenure system was a horrible idea. So was the e mail stating you will go to zero tenure wise. I am leaving. Who would want to give them any more money? The Wilpons treated us better Cohen only cares about his richest customers 

Anonymous said...

My partner and I are not renewing our 20-game plan next season. If they turn out to be postseason contenders I'd bet there will be an offer late in the season to sign up for 2025 tickets and get access to the 2024 postseason. I liked having the plan but there are too many issues that I feel undercut the value. Here's a couple. 

1) The constant ticket discounts offered throughout the year that included the promenade reserved seats (where my plan is). It felt like a slap in the face to be paying for 20 games upfront only to constantly see ticket deals and bogo offers where I could have gotten better deals throughout the summer. If the Mets had done something to compensate season ticket holders (a free Coke even) it may not have stung so much. 

2) The perks while cool, (Mike Piazza Q and A last year) always felt like they were secretive and offered arbitrarily. We were never presented with an offering of events to choose from in advance. It was always just a random email from a ticket rep about an event coming up that usually came after we asked how the perks worked, what they were, and what we were eligible for. It always felt kind of haphazard whether you'd be offered perks or not. 

There are some cool positives to having a plan - it's fun to have "your seat", there are some cool members-only promo items, etc... but overall we don't see the value going into 2024. 

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Nick and the two people before me. I’ve talked with my mom and we agreed the wilpons treated us better. No insane ticket price increase when the team is below 500. We also got more from our reps when the team was trash. This year, absolutely nothing but frustration. Increased prices but lower value for my ticket. I can’t even sell my tickets, which I never have, and break even due to the offers the Mets offer for games (bogo, the Alonso in the HR derby, etc.) as well as the team doing so poorly. Yes there was high hopes for this season, but besides the players and games themselves, the organization is not treating their loyal fans right. I’ve been a STH since 2015, but was a loyal fan prior to that, and I get a lousy blue tier when my friend who has been a STH less than me gets higher ranked. It seems they only care about the fans that spend more money. Let’s face it, Cohen spent a lot of money on this purchase (and now this new golf adventure) and he needs to keep that billionaire status somehow. And while I’m at it, let’s talk about the reps. They’re absolutely garbage as well. Last year and this year I have no idea who my rep is, two different ones mind you. You can give me a line of four people and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is mine from this year or last year. While this email came out, mine is over seas with no access to email so I cant even get a response for my questions. He has been utterly useless this year and I HOPE he gets no commission from my account, although I’m sure he does. My list goes on and on in regards to the negative experiences I’ve had there this year. It’s time to really sit down and think on if I want to give them almost a grand next year, for what? To continue to be treated like dirt from this organization. 

Anonymous said...

I also decided to not renew my ticket plan. I was very disappointed in how the season unfolded. Furthermore, I was turned off by the increased ticket prices after such a disappointing season.

100% agree! I’m also a 40 game weekday plan holder since 2013. Last year the playoff strip for the seats I had for ten years went to the weekend plan holder and I was offered different seats. When I questioned I was told they were plan holders prior to me but had different seats. I accepted that because that’s respecting tenure. I understood that and agree with it. But the new system? I also told my rep I’ll make my decision on 10/17 but I’m leaning toward non-renewal

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