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Sunday, January 8, 2023

The press release that I never saw until yesterday on their site.

 Thanks to Mets Police, I was able to find this Press release that was talked about with the "development" of the parkland which the parking lot of Citi Field lives on. Anything you see in red is me commenting below.

Steve Cohen Invites Queens Community to Visioning Session At Citi Field

Series of sessions to hear directly from community on how to re-imagine the space around Citi Field

Queens, New York - Today, Steve Cohen is inviting the people who live and work in Queens to the next visioning session at Citi Field on January 7, 2023. This visioning session builds on months of discussions with community groups and leaders, and kicks off the next series of sessions Cohen’s team will host to hear directly from those who know what is best for their community about how to re-imagine the space around Citi Field.

For too long the area around Citi Field has been 50 acres of vacant asphalt and wasted opportunity that isn’t serving the community to its full potential. This area is a barrier that divides neighborhoods from each other and the nearby communities from the waterfront.

Over the last two decades, many cities have realized the potential of connecting ballparks with the community. Great ballparks across the country have created meaningful experiences for not only fans but the surrounding communities as well with open spaces for parks, different forms of entertainment and recreational activities.

“For months, we have been listening to the local community who keeps telling us there is more they want from the area. Everyone agrees that the status quo isn’t acceptable,” said Steve Cohen. “We are committed to putting forward a vision for the area that will create a shared space that people not only want to come to and enjoy, but can be proud of.”

In his first press conference as the new owner of the Mets, Cohen made it clear that he views owning the team as a civic responsibility that extends beyond the walls of Citi Field. He has made investments in the team, the ballpark and the surrounding communities his number one priority. Cohen is committed to creating a space that people can come to every day of the year to hang out by the waterfront, enjoy green space, listen to live music and have plenty of options to eat and drink.

This vision is grounded in a set of core principles:

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  • ●  Putting community first

    We are and always will be good neighbors, and the community is our first and most important partner in re-imagining this space.

    Parkland owned by the NYC which is leased out to the NY Mets owners. Also the owners of the NY Mets are the only ones that are allowed to build on this land.

  • ●  Building dedicated open space for the public

    Parks and public space are essential to any community. We all need dedicated green spaces to enjoy and relax and the area around Citi Field shouldn’t be an exception.

    Parkland in Queens next to Citi Field. That sure is missing. I wonder whatever happened to Flushing Meadows Park. Wait. It's still there? 

  • ●  Connecting surrounding neighborhoods to the waterfront

    We have an opportunity to connect the surrounding neighborhoods, create easy and safe waterfront access, increase walkability and cycling access, and improve transportation options.

    Waterfront access for surrounding neighborhoods. So are they redeveloping the Marina Parking lots? What waterfront is really over there? 

    ●  Bringing year-round entertainment to life

  • Entertainment is the economic engine that will make this area a destination every single day of the year— regardless of the weather or if it’s baseball season.

    Going to have outdoor entertainment 365 days outside of Citi Field or are you saying that there might be a casino attempting to be built there? There is literally acres of land in the Iron Triangle that is supposed to be being developed for this.

  • ●  Creating good-paying local jobs and economic opportunity for local small businesses

    Turning this space into usable parks for the public and an entertainment destination with live music, restaurants and bars will create thousands of good-paying jobs throughout the construction process and for years to come. We are committed to hiring local, supporting minority and women owned businesses, and providing on-going workforce training programs.

    I'm all for extra local jobs coming to Queens. But if you want parkland there to reclaim the asphalt, doesn't that mean that we don't need any more buildings there either? Plenty of space for that across 126th street.

    Capacity will be limited. For community members looking to RSVP, more information can be found here:

    Media Contact

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