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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Steve Cohen has another meeting about the parkland at Citi Field

There was a second "vision quest" meeting about the parking lot where Shea Stadium was torn down. It is an interesting read again.

From The Queens Courier 

Queens Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Grech praised Cohen for the process in which he’s gone about to get input from the community on the lot. He described the approach as “bottom-up,” meaning that the first people Cohen is trying to hear from are members of the community and small business owners before exploring plans with the city and other organizations.

Grech said he would like to see a small convention center built in the area to help drive both local and regional businesses to the area. 

Read more here. 

A convention center would be a good idea for the area but why do I feel like it would be attached to a casino built on parkland?

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