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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Someone reported about the Steve Cohen Queens Future meeting!

I looked all over the place yesterday to find anything about the Steve Cohen Queensfuture meeting. Lots of interesting quotes about what should go there. You know like a casino. Shouldn't that be something that goes across 126th street? The Wilpons wanted to build a mall where Cohen wants to put a casino and it was shot down. In my opinion if you want to get rid of the parking lot, no other buildings should be put there. It should just be parkland on an elevated deck so cars can still park there. Here's a question though. What happens when it's time to tear down Citi Field. Where does the new stadium go?



Family Office

The Cohen venture is one of several potential bidders for three casino licenses the state earmarked for the New York City area last year. On Tuesday, the state’s Gaming Facility Location Board approved some of the terms for those licenses: A minimum $500 million capital investment and a $500 million license fee. 

Cohen said the development would be under the auspices of his family office and not the Mets. 

Cohen said he hasn’t lined up a gaming partner for a potential bid. “We’re working on it,” he said. Several casino operators — including Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Hard Rock International — have been scouting locations.

If this is under the Family Office then it isn't under the Mets which the owners of the Mets can be the only ones that build here.

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