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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Saks Fifth Avenue wants a casino on 5th Ave

Looks like Mr Cohen will definitely have competition between this bid, the Time Square bid and the Nassau Coliseum bid.

Fromt The NY Post 

Saks Fifth Avenue finally tipped its hand, confirming plans to bid for a casino license on the top floors of its flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

The luxury department store between East 49th and East 50th streets, next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, released exclusive images to The Post for a casino that will bring high rollers to the home of high fashion.

The renderings show stylishly dressed guests, seated at roulette tables, posh bars and upholstered chairs, clinking cocktails. They enter the building via a separate entrance on a red carpet that extends out onto the sidewalk and opens into a vast lobby area with multiple chandeliers and plush decorative rugs. 

The casino would take up three floors, starting on the ninth, where servers will be dressed in black tie and hand out champagne flutes to gamblers, Richard Baker, executive chairman and chief executive of HBC, the Toronto-based company that owns Saks told The Post.

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 BTW this is the best quote from the NY Post's story

The stylish Saks casino would be similar to the one featured in the James Bond movie “Casino Royale,” according to Baker.

“In Monte Carlo they have fancy casinos so why not in Manhattan,” Baker said. “Why should Manhattan have another slobby casino. … We need spectacular.”

What'cha guys think about that? 

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