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Sunday, March 14, 2021

March 13,2020 to March 13, 2021. What a year.

 One year ago yesterday the film production world shut down, It was Friday the 13th and we were told it was only going to be for a three weeks. We were told to take our vehicles home with us and we will all be good to go when NYC reopens. We didn't. I had to move the vehicle back and forth on alternate sides for almost eight weeks until the production and rental companies realized we weren't going back anytime soon and came to pick up the rental. The uncertainty of when we were going back to work was there. The watching the news, the press updates everyday from the Mayor and the Governor, the death tolls, the amount of folks on respirators it was getting to be too much. The doom and gloom was there. Everyone was feeling the anxiety of this situation. My wife was sent home from work but still got paid. I dipped into my savings while being on unemployment. Seeing folks wipe out supermarkets for disinfectants and paper products was something out of movie. I was waiting for the zombies to start walking the Earth. 

As the months went on, watching the folks at 7 pm every night cheering on the First Responders and folks who were in the hospitals and family who were uncertain if their loved ones were going to come home. Seeing some businesses close down while other fought to keep their source of income and the income of the folks who worked for them was incredible. I couldn't believe what was going on.

The notion that there were going to be vaccines for Covid felt like a fantasy. Hearing that it would possibly take years for it to happen only for the pharmaceutical companies to start working on them in a few months and went through trials to get the out to the public in under a year amazes me. The ingenuity that this world has is amazing.

We were planning on bring The QBC to LI last September. That was out. But we did learn how to use Streamyard and have a virtual QBC. It wasn't the same as being with everyone but at least we were able to still do something.

NYC Film production started opening back up in July/August and we were able to go back to work with extensive Covid protocols. I get tested 2-3 times a week. Actors get tested more than that. The film business came back and ramped up quickly which helped out a lot fo the other businesses that we use. The restaurants are being able to come back to 50 percent capacity next week which feels like its way overdue. Maybe we are starting to get back to pre pandemic life even if it's very slow.

One year to the day the film business shut down, I was able to get my second dose of the vaccine which helped bring some relief to me considering I am type 2 diabetic and was worried about my health with Covid plus having that.

I am not writing this post to go, "HEY LOOK AT ME, I GOT VACCINATED!!!" I wrote this because I can't believe how crazy this year has been in my/our lives and I have been through some crazy shit over my life. Everyone keep staying safe. Keep strong. Keep looking out for each other, your family, and yourselves.

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