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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

When is the honeymoon period with Steve Cohen over? Looks like with the Media its starting.

Super Steve artwork used with permission of @Grafixjoker
Super Steve artwork used with permission of @Grafixjoker

 Do you guys remember what I wrote last week about when the Steve Cohen Honeymoon is eventually going to come to an end?

From Saturday's post.

I think what I am trying to get at is that we all know how fickle NY Mets fans can be. When does the honeymoon with the fans and the Cohen's start to crumble. For me, I am happy we have new ownership. I want the Mets to succeed and I think the organization will get back to being a premiere team and not a laughingstock amongst other cities fans. I am not going to sit here behind my computer or phone and spend another persons money in my head and on the internet. Would it be nice to have all the players that I want? Sure. But I am going to trust the process and not get upset when Steve Cohen is not spending money on Free Agents that I think should be signed. I just know though there are quite a few fans that are going to get angry if they don't get who they perceive are the players that Steve Cohen should be paying for. And just wait if the Mets go on a losing streak. I can just imagine Mets Twitter coming out the Cohens with torches and pitchforks.

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Now here is what looks like the start of the Honeymoon being over.

From Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Because fans care about players — notably star players — way more than about who is picking them. But the early days of the Steve Cohen/Sandy Alderson administration have been marked by their failure to lure the pickers.

Cohen’s blueprint was to form a baseball operations department akin to that of the Dodgers’, overflowing with experience and myriad talents. Yet, at present, the Mets have the most desirable jobs that no one is taking. Executive after executive exalts how desirable it would be to run baseball operations with the Wilpons out and all of Cohen’s money in. And executive after executive has been outside of the Mets’ grasp, namely for contractual or personal reasons. It is the beautiful house for sale that so far has gone unsold.

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I don't know. To me this looks like the media is starting to lay down seeds that Cohen is already failing because they weren't able to get someone to become the President of Baseball Operations. The Mets weren't able to do this for a myriad of reasons. Some folks were under contract and their respective teams wouldn't let them have talks with the Mets. Some folks have a problem with the 3-5 years to win a championship time frame that Cohen had mentioned that he wanted. Which is fine. There is a lot of pressure there and it might not be the best suited environment for some people. Some just don't want the job in NYC. 

My whole point of this post though is that we aren't even a month into the Steve Cohen Ownership Regime and the Media is already saying he has a failure on the books. I don't see it as a failure, I see it as a pivot. Why not pivot for the time being and focus on a GM while Sandy Alderson can bridge the gap until the time you can hire someone to be the Pres of Baseball Ops? 

I asked when the Honeymoon period was over and it is happening in under a month of ownership with the Media.

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