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Monday, December 28, 2020

Old Grouch with another email to the Mets about "No Alcohol" Sections.


Here is an email to the Mets from Old Grouch. Believe it or not Old Grouch is not Shannon Shark of but a fan of our blogs.

Hello Mets employees,

I think you should have a no alcohol section at Citi field. You had one at Shea. It was a very pleasant place to sit. There were no screaming beer vendors and no sloppy drunks. A bad drunk can ruin the game for a lot of people. Nobody wants their kids around a sloppy drunk.

In 2009 I had two 15 game plans, but I also bought tickets on Stubhub. I went to a lot of games that year. One Sunday day game I bought 5 tickets from Stubhub in a low row in section 524. The guy sitting behind us threw up on us. Mainly on me. When we turned around we saw a guy in a drunken stupor. This was the third inning of a Sunday day game. We always try to be nice people so we did not say much to the guy. He was really out of it. The five of us went down to customer service after I asked where it was. I had puke in my hair and on my shirt and we could not stay. The woman at the rotunda customer service did not want to give us tickets to another game but she relented and agreed to after I said look at me, are you kidding me. She was in her mid to late 50's and Irish looking. She was not very friendly. I told her you had an alcohol compliance security guard behind my section, how could he miss this guy? This incident should be verifiable in your records. My brother was also with me. Somebody there probably knows him. You can ask him. He has bought blocks of tickets for transportation agency workers at Citi and huge blocks of tickets for transportation agency workers at Cyclones games. 

My tickets for another game arrive and I get upset. They are in 536 near the top. I call the lady up and complain. She to told me to mail them back. I did and 5 nice tickets in a low row in 515 arrived. We were happy. Can't make a long story short at this point, but this is why you need a no alcohol section.

In April 2012 I was upgrading my seats in my ticket plan. Mike P. told me to come to the office and bring my tickets. He would give me the new ones. The season was a couple of weeks old. Mike told me what parking lot to park in. When I arrived the parking security guard acted like I was an intruder. Then when I arrived in the building the security guard there was a gruff jerk. Telling both of them I had an appointment with Mike Parsons seemed to mean nothing. When Mike arrived I tell him his security guards need retraining, that they were not friendly. Mike does not respond to that and changes the subject. That I was there should be verifiable. Maybe Mike remembers if he still works there. I am a clean cut guy that people say looks like a cop. Now an ex cop. I should have been treated in a more friendly way.

Keep trying to turn out those super sales people. Don't worry about anything else or how other Mets employees do their job. Sales and retention is all that matters. That is sarcasm if you don't know. Meanwhile attendance goes down every year. Go to Met life and see how the Jets do it. Go to Disney. My wife is tired of having to open her wallet in her pocketbook at the request of your unprofessional security. The bad feeling this gives us cannot be downplayed or minimized. We are customers not suspects. Customers make pay days possible. We want to spend money with the Mets. Between the bad ticket plans and your employees it is a hard thing to do.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

Old Grouch

I get where he is coming from with a No Alcohol section. There should be a spot you don't have to worry about having an instance that happened to him. As far as security, after the 2019 season I had enough with the way they treated me as a fan and watched the way they treated others as fans too. I gave up my half season tickets after the season because of the way interactions were going.

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