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Monday, December 7, 2020

Mets Old Timers Day. Who could/would play?


I have no idea why I was thinking about this over the weekend but I was trying to think who could/would play if the Mets have an Old Timer's Day. I try to break it down with who might play, those who can still "play" and I didn't know what kind of shape some of the older Mets are in. So I tried to stay within the last 20-30 yrs.

Let's start with the Catchers.

Mike Piazza. Todd Hundley. John Buck, Alberto Castillo. Mike DiFelice.

I know that isn't the who's who of catchers. But I was thinking about those who could still "catch" and hit. Now there is no reason that the Mets can't bring in older players to hang out and sign autographs and take pics with fans.

First Base.

Ike Davis.Carlos Delgado. Lucas Duda(if he retires). Todd Zeile.Doug Mientkiewicz. Mo Vaughn. 

I don't know if Keith Hernandez or John Olerud would br up for playing in the game.

Second Base

Edgardo Alfonzo. Greg Jeffries. Jeff Kent. Carlos Baerga. Fernando Tatis. Joe McEwing(probably can't because of MLB Schedule)

Short Stop

Kevin Elster, Howard Johnson, Rey Ordonez, Jose Reyes. Tim Bogar.

Third Base

David Wright, Howard Johnson. Dave Magadan. Robin Ventura. Ty Wigginton.


Mookie Wilson. Darryl Strawberry. Kevin McReynolds. Bobby Bonilla. Bernard Gilkey. Lenny Harris. Benny Agbayani. Jay Payton. Derek Bell. Timo Perez. Cliff Floyd. Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez. Angel Pagan. Curtis Granderson.Mike Baxter


Dwight Gooden, Johan Santana, John Franco, Frank Viola, Pedro Martinez. Mike Pelfrey. Jesse Orosco. Armando Benitez

Pitchers you can keep filling this out with various starters and relievers. I got tired of filling this out when I hit short stop. I know there are plenty of guys I forget.

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