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Monday, December 28, 2020

When will Mets Fan's patience run out?

 I am watching Mets twitter to see how patient Mets fans are being this off season. I have seen some fans spending Steve Cohen's money without thinking about future team implications.Some fans have forgotten that Robinson Cano comes back next year with his 20 million dollar salary from the Mets(plus 4 million from Seattle). That's a significant chunk of money there for a player that fans want to push out of his position by signing a DJ LeMahieu to play third base which would knock Jeff McNeil out of a position in the infield with Cano playing second. This will also then knock out an left fielder out of a position whether it be Nimmo or Smith(if there is no DH in the NL). Now you are knocking off playing time from Nimmo, Smith, and JD Davis. Does someone get sent in a trade then?

Other fans want Steve Cohen and the Mets to eat 40 plus million dollars by buying out Cano's contract. That's a waste of money there also. You could easily use that money for other players. "Well Cohen has the money!" has been a rallying cry from these fans. Stop spending other peoples money for them. I don't care how much they have in the bank. It's not your money to spend. I can't wait for fans to start getting pissed off when the money they think should have been spent on certain players isn't.

Take for example the James McCann signing. Folks are saying that the Mets once again went for a second choice instead of going out and getting JT Realmuto. The Mets have some great pitchers that need a solid defensive catcher that can frame pitches and call a good game. He also has some pop in his bat. The Mets don't need a killer at every position. They need a balanced team. 

I though am really shocked that Mets Twitter's patience hasn't started to erode. They are a very we want what we want now kind of folks. Let's see when the goodwill of a new owner wears off.

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