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Monday, December 21, 2020

Should we do a virtual @QBConvention in early 2021?


Dan and I have been throwing back and forth the idea of having a virtual QBC event early in the 2021. We were thinking about having some of the usual fan panels such as Uni Panel, State of the Mets, a Mets authors panel, and maybe a Mets artists panel. When it comes to former/current player panels, we have to pay them to appear even if it is via Zoom or some other streaming service. We might have to charge a very small fee to be a part for folks to be a part of the players panel Q/A. Would you guys be cool with that? Should we just do the other panels without a player panel? We wouldn't do any autographs because the logistics would be rough and especially shipping and receiving the autos.

Dan and myself would be cool with doing something but we want to make sure it is something folks want to see/watch before we started investing out time and energy into it. We always want our fellow fans to gave the best experience whenever we do a QBC.

Hit us up at @mediagoon@QBConvention or with your thoughts.

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