Sunday, December 13, 2020

I picked up my Bobbleheads at Citi Field today and....


I picked up my Bobbleheads at Citi Field today and it went super smoothly. The staff was all super friendly and I couldn't believe how well set up this was. This isn't the Mets customer experience that I am used to. I pulled up on line early. I was supposed to be there between noon and 12:15 but got there at 11;45 fully expecting to hear something like, "Sorry. You are too early, you need to leave and come back later" or something to that effect. We didn't get that at all. Every one, even security waved us on with a smile. You can tell they were smiling with their eyes even with everyone wearing masks. It didn't seemed forced either. They had proper signage up to let you know where to go and to wear a mask and also where to pull over to the bays. They even had tablets to look up you account to see how many seats you had. After you got your bobbleheads and proceeded out of the road outside for the ballpark back out to of the parking area, it was coned off and easy to get out.

They even emailed you a clear cut map of where to go. Amazing.


I am thinking maybe for season ticket plan holders that the Mets can do something like this for there bobbleheads in the future at the end of each month on non game days. There is logistics to be figured out but this is something that could really be used in the future.

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Nancy Radecker said...

It was well done! Bravo 👏 to the entire staff!