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Saturday, October 31, 2020

@Mets ticket rep says 87% season ticket holders re upped

So a Mets ticket rep tells a fan customer that he better hurry up and renew his seats because the ticket stock is going to be gone. 87 percent have already renewed. HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAHHHAHA! Right. Read the excerpt below.

 From the NY Post

Just last week, Michael Breslaw, a Mets season-ticket purchaser for the past 31 years and a local businessman who’s hanging in there on behalf of his employees, took a Zoom call from a Mets ticket-sales rep.

Breslaw pays $33,000 a year for five seats.

“The sales rep wanted to know if I still wanted the seats. I told him that under COVID conditions, I’m not sure that our clients or my family would want to attend.

“He then said that I’d better make up my mind because season-ticket sales are going very well and I shouldn’t miss out. He said 87 percent of season-ticket holders have renewed for the coming season.”

That struck Breslaw, and me, as preposterous. Eighty-seven percent in the throes of a financial and deadly health crisis? Five percent would strike me as high.

Read more here.

WE are in a  middle of a pandemic. One where we don't know when we might, and I say might, get back to the normalcy that we had before March. Is this person selling the tickets seriously being told that they numbers are true? I get trying to get folks to buy into the season next year but don be telling folks that 87 percent have renewed. Maybe under Cohen there will be new ticket selling policies but this is just ridiculous. I did roll over my 7line ticket money just because f it gets used in 2021, if not it might get pushed to 2022. At least it is there and not 31,000 dollars.

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Old Grouch said...

They are such hot tickets that my rep was offering me 5 free parking passes if I bought a 20 game plan a few weeks ago. As usual the ticket dept. is full of you know what.