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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Amazon Hub at Citi Field.


I was wondering why there were two huge building size tents that all of a sudden were put up in the employee parking lot over at Citi Field. Metspolice saw from Ted Alexandro on twitter that it is an Amazon Hub. Now with the Amazon hub being there who is making the money off the rental of the lot? Is it the Mets? Is it NYC? Are they getting the money from the rental? I am just curious as to who is getting the money. Did the Wilpons get permission from the parks department like when they were trying to build the second mall in the Citi Field parking lot where Shea Stadium once stood. This is one of those weird things that always ends up on Orbit around the Mets. 

You want to work there? Well the Mets signage is telling you how if you want to.

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