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Friday, October 16, 2020

@Mets Fan Cutout is already missing for pickup at @Citifield

Seems like the picking up of the cutouts is hitting some snags already. My buddy just DM'd me that he could only pick up one of his cutouts.

So my buddy took time out to go pick his cut outs up and he only got, "We'll let you know on Monday about it." I wonder if they misplaced it and instead of owning up to it they are trying to scramble and have it remade from the file that was sent in and that is why it is going to take until Monday to figure this out. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Maybe the Mets are doing something awesome with his cut out and I am being to negative. Anyone else deal with this today?

Mets as usual feel free to hit me up with your side of the story so I can clarify it to the fans.

Also how is the pickup going? Is it smooth? Let me know.

UPDATE- it took a while to find some cutouts and another friend got someone else's cut outs and his is missing.

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