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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Did the Wilpons care?

Did the Wilpons care? Yes they cared about winning. They cared about putting a team together as cheaply as possible? In my opinion, yes to that. Did the Wilpons care about their fans? Again in my opinion, not as much as they think they did. I have felt over the years the Wilpons have bungle many fan friendly type events. From no Mets fans want a fan fest to the sendoff to spring training events that they did, they for lack of a better term half assed it. With the Fan fest in 2020, they did a great job. I was impressed by how well they had it nailed down. The problem I have with it though is it took fans to show proof of concept with the QBC aka Queens Baseball Convention to show them that fans wanted to celebrate the Mets.

That Spring Training send off that they did a few years ago was supposed to be for a limited number if folks with tickets for it and then it became a free for all. Literally just show up and you can get a signed pic from a former player and some photo ops with Mr and Mrs Met.

Even the stadium itself. The fans had to complain (@Metspolice and myself amongst them) that there weren't any real historical Mets stuff. There wasn't a Mets Museum. The team store was double the size of what it is now and half of it was Brooklyn Dodgers gear. Any time you would bring this up to the Mets about the Dodgers it was "It is because of the lineage of the Mets that came from National League Teams of NY." Yet, there wasn't one NY Giants piece of merch anywhere. So what happened there?

There weren't any pics around the concourse at all of the ball park throwing back to the the history of the Mets. It took a full year for this to happen. What about that bridge in right center? You know they were waiting for a sponsor for it before they named it Shea Bridge.

If they cared about fans they would have made it easier for fans to get around the food lines while walking.

If they cared about the fans they would have enforced the no going down to your seats during an at bat rule. If they cared about the fans they would have trained a lot of the security folks to be more pleasant to their customers coming into the ballpark while doing their jobs. If they cared about the fans when designing the ballpark with the plexiglass up top, they would have mentioned obscured nightlines when they sold you the tickets. If they cared about the fans, they wouldn't make them line up to get bobble heads 2 1/2 hours before a game. They would make sure there was one for every fan. 

Let me get back to my original point of this post. Did the Wilpons care? Yep. They did care but they didn't care enough. I don't know if I have mentioned this or not, but at the last actual full QBC event, Jeff Wilpon wanted to show up as a surprised guest and he was talked out of it by his people. In my eyes if he cared about what the fans thought of him and wanted to really change his image he would have told his people he was coming anyway.

I wanted to thank Joe deMayo for his tweet because it actually gave me something to write about.


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