Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sneak Peek: Mikkeller Brewery

Darren of the7line got to check out the progress of the newest tenant over at Cit iField.
From the7line:

I was invited for a tour last week -- hard hat and all -- to get the lay of the land at the new space. Standing in the skeleton of, what will be, a full service brewery and restaurant was pretty cool. In just a few short months (on track for an early 2018 opening) construction will be complete, and they'll be open for daily business.
"Our brewhouse, along with a third of our other tanks, is already in place," Hannah Goldman, operations analyst at Mikkeller NYC told me. "It’s a thrilling time for us; out in LA, we just launched a collaborative line of Twin Peaks-inspired beers with David Lynch. We’re excited for this next chapter on the East Coast."
I wouldn't label myself a beer snob, but when given the option, I'll almost always choose craft over something else. During road trips, I'll browse the list and choose something that's local. I know what bland brand X tastes like, but that first sip of something new is exciting.

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Seems pretty cool and a good alternative to MFaddens...

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