Wednesday, November 8, 2017

@darrenjmeenan and the Mayor

This was pretty funny last year. I wasn’t there to see it in person but was told about it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

From Darren Meenan
“I head back to the seats thinking that was that, and then one of his people (Andrew from the video) came down to introduce himself. I explained to him that we're a very diverse group with many members employed by the city, and that it might not be the warmest of welcomes. But if the Mayor wanted to hang, he had to come down to us. I wasn't trying to big time the Mayor, but I wasn't walking him down the steps. Now, I thought for sure that was that.”

“The General himself (NYC Sanitation employee) got in a double handshake with a, "Thank you, Mister Mayor."”


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