Sunday, November 5, 2017

Golf at Citi Field

I went to go play at the Stadium Links event last night at Citi Field. Will someone please remind me next time to practice a bit so I don’t totally suck. Thanks.

It was pretty well run. The nine holes were spread out from the field level, the 400s, and the Coke Corner. There was a VIP ticket you could have bought for. The VIP lounge where got some swag(I didn’t do it). The basic one you got 9 balls for 9 holes and everything was a par 3. So basically you got to hit the ball once a hole. You would try to basically hit a ball into a target on the field and that’s how you scored it. So, basically a driving range. Wish they would have explained all that when the event went on sale.

If you asked to see my score card, I set it on fire.

- The Clubhouse was located in the Delta Club and that is where you went to hang out while you waiting for your tee time. That is where the putting challenge was located.

If you got the highest score you could win $500 bucks.

Hole 2 was at Shea Bridge

Pic of my about to really suck at hitting the ball. Notice the guy behind me looking at me disapprovingly.

I found the seats they removed. The

Chipping Challenge

Overall it was fun, the price was a little overpriced for this for 9 holes.

Would I do this again, probably not. But, I am glad I got to do this.
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