Monday, November 13, 2017

Mets: Star Wars Night Back at Citi Field?

From the NY Post:

“ Key giveaway dates include May 5 vs. Colorado (Yoenis Cespedes Gnome); May 19 vs. Arizona ( Star Wars Night/Mr. Met Bobblehead); July 7 vs. Tampa Bay (Jacob deGrom Bobblehead), Free Shirt Fridays and McDonald’s Family Sundays that include pregame giveaways and the postgame “Mr. Met Dash” around the bases for kids”

Great step one was getting it back on as a promotion. Step two is to see if they actually do it right for a change. Other teams have the whole stadium and all the fans involved. The Mets usually just sell a section out. I wonder if the Mr Met Bobblehead would be for more then a limited couple of hundred fans.

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