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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

QBC: Why we are looking for a new location.

 Hey everyone. A lot of folks are wondering why we are not going back to Mulcahy’s and looking for a new location. It’s easy. It’s about money. Not in a bad way or a hard feelings way. Mulcahy’s as any business at this time wanted to raise the venue fee to have the next QBC there. We totally get it and understand. 

As just two guys who run the event we didn’t feel comfortable paying the higher fee. Why’s that you ask? Well then we would have to jack up whatever our prices would be for tickets and autographs to QBC.

 You guys have to remember we pay for the talent to show up. We pay for the venue, audio/visual, and any of the banners/backdrops we use. So, if the venue price goes up, we either have to raise the ticket prices or get players that cost less to come to the QBC. We don’t want to have to pass the cost on to our fellow fans if we don’t have to. Remember, for all the work Dan and I do, we basically just put the money back into the QBC account for the next one.

 Besides SNY and The NY Post we don’t really have any sponsors. SNY has been great to us over the years and The NY Post for their first QBC were awesome. So if we can snag more sponsors it would be a great help. If you guys know of any Mets fans with businesses that want to be a sponsor hit me up at

Hopefully that clears it up about why we have to move and again no hard feelings with Mulcahy’s. They were a great host last QBC and we’d work with them again in the future.

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