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Monday, June 6, 2022

Not All Tampa Bay Rays wore Pride Patch.

Some teams are wearing Pride gear/patches in game, some aren't. It seems interesting to me that the Rays didn't put patches on every jersey. Isn't that part of the uniform? What does that do to the uniform rulebook? Shouldn't a uniform have a uniform look?

 From the NY Post.

A number of Tampa Bay Rays players decided not to wear rainbow-colored logos on their uniforms as part of the team’s annual “Pride Night” on Saturday that recognized the LGBTQ community.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash addressed it after Sunday’s game, saying he doesn’t think it’ll negatively impact the clubhouse because discussions among the players over past few weeks were constructive and emphasized the value of differing perspectives.“First and foremost, I think the organization has done a really good thing to have Pride Night’s supporting our gay community to come out and have a nice night at the ballpark,” Cash said. “Impressed that our players have had those conversions and we want to support our players that choose to wear or choose not to wear to the best of our capabilities.”

Reliever Jason Adam was among those who opted out, and said it was a “faith-based decision” for him.

“It’s just what we believe the lifestyle he’s (Jesus) encouraged us to live for our good, not to withhold,” Adam told the Tampa Bay Times. “But we love these men and women, we care about them and we want them to feel safe and welcome here.”

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 I have a question though if players can pick and choose what patches they can put on their jerseys what other patches can they say they don't want? Memorial Day? The American Flag? The various different ribbons they put on jerseys highlighting a cause?

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