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Thursday, June 9, 2022

It's June. Does that mean the typical June Swoon for the Mets?


It's June. Does that mean the Mets will go into their typical June Swoon like they have in past seasons? No Scherzer, no deGrom, Alonso day to day, Marie day to day, Bassit getting let up. Should the Mets and Mets fans be worried?

I say nope. The team will be okay. They will not have the June Swoon and will get through this time of strife. When was the last time you have seen a Mets team that looked this focused, fun, and for a change not doing anything stupid in the papers? I think this is just going tone a temporary bump in the road like most seasons have. The Mets have had quite a bit of good luck so far with come back wins and even when getting hit by pitches, no serious injuries. I think this team is going to come back strong and be one if the teams to beat in the NL,

June Swoon...What June Swoon?

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