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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Will Baseball Owners and the MLBPA agree on a contract?

From the NY POST

Progress had been made late Monday, when MLB raised its proposal for the first CBT tier from $220 million to $228 million, still short of the union’s request of $238 million.

They came closer on Tuesday, with the league proposing a deal that included a threshold beginning at $230 million, which would rise to $242 million, a source confirmed after the numbers first reported by The Athletic.

The players have been at $238 million to start, with the threshold moving to $263 million over the length of the deal.

And MLB also wants a fourth tier of penalty when it comes to the CBT, in the hopes of cutting back at what the league calls “runaway spending.”

The league also is interested in introducing an international draft, long considered a non-starter by the union.

The owners also increased their offer for the pre-arbitration pool to $40 million per season, still short of the $80 million the players have sought. And the minimum salary in the owner’s proposal would go from $700,000 next season to $770,000 by the end of the CBA.

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Does anyone think a deal gets done today? I haven't really been paying any attention to what iso going on with this whole thing right now. So what do you guys think? Do they get it done?

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