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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What do you want to see at next QBC?


What do you folks want to see at the next big QBC?

Of course Player Panels and signings.

State of the Mets is always a hit.

SNY always a hit,

What other panels would you like?

Live Podcast panel?

Give us some ideas.

Also, yes we would love Mike Piazza or a David Wright as a guest. We could do players like that, but we will need some help from you folks. We need sponsors for that. Car dealerships, restaurants, business, heck, we'll even sign on for some sports betting. We want to get bigger and better every year, so if you guys have any connections send them our way. Hit up me at if you have anyone.

It seems like you folks liked Mulcahy's. Want to go back there? We want to also. 

Hit us up with suggestions and ideas.

We are listening.


Anonymous said...

Have a big giveaway and the drawing be at the end of QBC. Each guest will get a ticket. This will help incentivize people to stay for the entire QBC. Too many people left by the last panel last time.

Anonymous said...

Getting Keith, Ron and Gary would be amazing!

Media Goon said...

Had Keith a few years ago and we Just had ron and Gary at last QBC.

Media Goon said...

For the giveaway, who we getting to donate it for us? Have any ideas for sponsors?