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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters Passes Away.

Goon this isn't a Mets or Citi Field related story. But yes it is. The Foo Fighters are/were going to be playing Citi Field this summer.

This is very sad for me to hear. The Foo Fighters were one of my favorite bands from their very first album even though the Foo Fighters that we would know on tour weren't really a part of their first Album. Taylor Hawkins was a great drummer, such a good drummer that one of the best drummers that I have heard asked him to join the band. I have always loved them live and enjoyed the dynamic between Hawkins and Dave Growl when they were on stage, I was on the fence about going to see them ar Citi Field this summer just because I didn't know what my scheduling would end up being. 

My thoughts are with Taylor Hawkins family and friends at this time.

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