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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Some rapid thoughts I fired out on Twitter about the cancelling of MLB games


From my Twitter account @Mediagoon

Mr Burns is now salivating at the players he could put together for his new corporate softball team. If the owners keep with the lockout, how many fans does
@MLB end up losing that never come back? 
@MLB has been in trouble for years with not being able to cultivate a younger audience. Kids/teens have been running away from it in droves. Teams are pricing out their fans to begin with. Making the ballpark experience painful to be at sometimes.
I enjoy going to games, but even I have cut back the amount of tix I buy for a season. I have my seats but didn’t renew my 1/2 season plan years ago. I enjoy traveling to other stadiums and use it as an excuse to see other sites. Baseball is eating itself.
In my opinion ’s owners right now are showing that not only do they not care about the fans, the players, but also the Stadium workers that aren’t going to have work AGAIN! This after suffering from not working when everything was shut down due to covid.
This isn’t like years ago . There are way too many forms of entertainment out there that can and will take away fan attention during this time. You collectively showed your hand about what you think about everyone who isn’t an owner and aren’t grasping what you might lose.
Manfred and the owners have basically put up the shield to block out the Sun from the fans.

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