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Friday, September 24, 2021

QBC 2021 Tickets go up for sale...


I know we have been teasing the date when the tickets go on sale for QBC 2021 on Saturday November 13th 2021 at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert hall. Finally here it is. Saturday. September 25th. Noon. That's right it's tomorrow at noon. We did what you guys have asked in the past to just have General Admission tickets so if you don't want an autograph you don't need to have to pay for one in your Ticket price. We made the auto's and inscriptions ala carte so folks could pick and choose what they want easier. Press Release here.

If you go to  now, you will see the "Buttons" so you can go buy tickets. Those buttons are active but the eventbrite site won't be until tomorrow. It's not broken, it's just not ready to go yet, but I needed to be able to have the links ready for tomorrow. I tried to do this when I had my free time and wasn't at work. So, don't forget. Tomorrow. Saturday. September 25th. Noon. QBC tickets go on sale.

Also visit for QBC tee and sweatshirts. I'll be adding another design there in a few days if you wan't to wait on it. Thanks for the continued support.

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