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Monday, September 6, 2021

Are the Mets setting up their fans?

 This had been a really weird season. For the Mets. For the fans. For the owner. For the Front Office. 

With the players themselves between the injuries, the raccoon/rat skirmish, the thumbs down/booing fans, Donnie Stephenson, being in first place for 90 days then falling 8.5 games back, and now going on a win streak. It’s been a rollercoaster.

The fans booing players that don’t need to be booed. The players booing the fans back. This whole thing itself is stupid. Some fans today would boo their own mother if they didn’t get dinner to them quick enough. The players should have kept the thumbs down in house as motivation for themselves.

Fans expectations for a little too high this first season with the Mets being owned by Cohen. They kept spending his money and when he didn’t acquire who they wanted, they got upset. Then the Mets did well for a while and in typical Mets fashion started to go down hill.

Steve Cohen might need to think his social media tactics. He’s going to end up alienating some fans with the way he tweets about some things and then goes radio silent on others.

The Front Office. Man what a mess it has been from the beginning of the season with who has been hired to be GM and Asst GM. This didn’t look good at all to the media and to the fans. Sexual Harassment to a DUI, what kind of folks did Cohen/Alderson hire.

Are the Mets going to make the playoffs this year. Personally I don’t think so. In my mind since Cohen bought the team I figured it was going to be a while for them to have the players, the Front Office, the management, and the philosophy for the team to become a winning team. I was shocked how well the Mets had done for most of the season and won’t have been upset at all if they do pull this out and make the post season. But here’s the thing. I think they are going to set up the fans for a fall. They are going to play well and get everyone’s hopes up and then falter and not make the playoffs. Does it suck? Yep sure does. And I hope it doesn’t broke too many fans hearts but this is just the feeling I have. We are going to be teased again by this team we love, they are going to fall short, and we as fans will be back next season ready to start fresh and hoping for that playoff run.

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