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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

@Mets, Where were the Players during the Honoring of the Fallen Soldiers?


Hey Mets, what's going on here with this? I don't want to throw anyone under the bus yet but what happened to the Mets players? Feel free to reach out to me with what the organization's side of this is. 

Dave wasn’t the only one to notice.

Please forward this to Mr. Alderson,

While the Mets do a great job with veteran of the game, it was disheartening to only see McNeil, Nimmo and coach Jauss on the field honoring the 13 Marines that died in Afghanistan. There were 21 Marlins on the field led by Don Mattingly with hats over hearts. Where was Rojas? It was a chance for Baez and Lindor to look like they care and have class. Marines deserve honor for protecting our country. Not to honor Marines killed in the line of duty is shameful. I was in 113 row 24 seats 1 and 2 last night. I felt like leaving when I saw 21 Marlins and 3 Mets on the field for the ceremony.  The Mets never come in first, but they almost always lead the league in classles selfish people and acts.Porter, Calloway, Baez, Lindor, Alonso. A who's who of classes people and worse. Too bad Trevor Bauer got away, he fits in with the Mets. I am probably missing a few. Maybe Daniel Murphy should have given the fans the finger. You might have given him a long term contract. 

From Old Grouch

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