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Monday, August 16, 2021

Do I think the Mets make the post season?


I was at that fiasco of a game last night which the Mets lost to LA 14-4 and I was miserable. The game itself was just boring and running into Scherzer when the Mets can’t score runs as it is doesn’t help. It got me thinking about this team that was in first place most of the 2021 season and where they are now. I wasn’t expecting this team to be a first place team for as long as they were before this season started. I also didn’t think this was going to be the year that the new ownership was going make big, big splashes right away either. Trade for and sign Lindor? Who wouldn’t make that move who isn’t a Monday morning quarterback. I still think this trade and signing is going to work out for the Mets. The BaĆ©z trade made no sense to me. Still doesn’t. There were no significant pitching pickups during the trade deadline and it seems like the front office is okay with going with what they had with team chemistry. 

Team chemistry and bubblegum and duct tape eventually falls apart and a team can not maintain their luck and outlasting the eventual coming back to Earth. That whole Donnie Stephenson thing soured me on when it was rolled out and how no one realized when it needed to be dropped. There is something about some of the personalities on the team that I just don’t vibe with. Stroman annoyed me with running his mouth about how great he is without backing it up. He pitched. Has been doing his job pitching pretty well and has been backing it up. I respect that. Pete Alonso saying and believing that he is the best power hitter in the game makes me feel like he is delusional at this point. 

Luis Rojas I really can’t figure him out. Does he know what he’s doing? Does he things to be counter intuitive? Is this his last season?

The Black Jerseys. I don’t like them on the field. Want to wear them as fans in the crowd fine with me. One of the biggest points folks brought up about how much they love the black jerseys because of 2000(Mets lost to Yankees in World Series), the early 2000s(Mets collapses) and the black jerseys were okayed by the Wilpons to sell merchandise and make money. I just feel that the aura of the black jerseys isn’t a positive thing.

It also seems like the Mets fans honeymoon with Steve Cohen might be over. Folks keep trying to spend his money, complaining about trades and non trades, and now they are starting to tweet at him about ticket prices and the possible playoff ticket prices.

So what are the Mets going to do? I don’t think they make the playoffs this year. I think more shifts will be happening in the front office and possibly on the bench and the team itself will be set up for a long starting next season. Let’s see.

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