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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mets: I Wonder about Rosario

The Mets have waited what has felt like an eternity to bring up Ahmed Rosario to the Majors. My question is, What if he sucks the first Month with the adjustment to the big leagues. Hold on. You are probably saying, Why are you asking that? Well, the Mets have waited to bring him up and has made the fans froth at the mouth for his debut. My second part to this is that there are a lot of Mets fans that will start booing him if he has a rough start. Scratch that. There are a lot of dopey fans that will start booing him if he doesn't live up to their expectations. Quite a few of them think that because they have played MLB The Show that they know how it feels to be in game situations playing against other elite players. Welcome to the Bigs Rosario. I am hoping I am wrong with even thinking about this....

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