Monday, May 1, 2017

Documentary: Loyal Til The Last Out

Did you guys watch it Saturday afternoon or last night?

Josh Oshisnky followed the 7LineArmy for a whole year. He went over the timeline with Darren of how The 7Line tee shirt business went from one shirt to a fan group/ family that locks down the Big Apple Reserve for 14 home games a season plus road trips.

You got to meet Lizy, Darren's Number 1( if we are using Star Trek terms), who is the only other full time employee besides Darren who is tirelessly cranking out the orders for shipping.

You got to see the Bartolo HR in San Diego from the perspective of the T7LA in the stands at Petco Park. You meet Chris and see how he travels from Chicago to sit with the T7LA at Citi Field. The guy who steals the show for me is Dru, Lizy's main fella. He gets his dreads washed/worked on while he is talking about what the T7LA and the Mets mean to him.

Hey you guys remember Piazza getting inducted into the HOF? The T7LA was there, and so were the cameras.

I'm trying to remain as vague as possible on purpose in case you missed the documentary and want to see it. Basically the main thing you'll probably get from Loyal Til the Last Out is the love of the Mets and the bond the T7LA members have with each other.

The bond is so strong that my best man, most of my groomsmen and 60 percent of the guests from "my side" were all T7LA. These folks have become family to me.

You've had questions about what The 7LineArmy is all about here is your chance to check it out in, Loyal Til the Last Out. I don't know when or if it will replay, but I have a feeling it will pop up again.

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