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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mets: Yikes

This isn't by far any of my best writing but I did it as a stream of consciousness after the Mets game Sunday Afternoon.

Looks like Panic Citi is back again and folks are starting to want to sign everyone off the trash heap and also looking for the Head of Terry Collins.

If the Mets get rid of Collins, who do you think should be the new manager? Who in the organization do you feel is the next heir to the throne? Anyone outside of the organization that you guys want to take over? What's the best option out there?

Panic Citi- The Injuries

When does it come to a point where the Mets start looking at the training regiment for their players. Why are so many players hurt every year? What is going on with the medical/training staff? What is the fix to this?

More Panic-

How does a team let leads slip away like this one does? What is going on? Where are the fundamentals for this team? Walker half assed ran when he could have been another run to score. There is too much of lazy baseball being played right now.

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