Sunday, May 7, 2017

Citi Field: Some Complaining by Me

Yep that's right, I am going to bitch a bit right now. It might seem stupid about what I am going to complain about, but it goes into the bigger picture of security. Let's start with Security Theater. I go to the security guard who is wanding folks to enter the ball park and I have all metal objects out of my pocket. The wand goes up and down and doesn't ping and then I get what's in your pocket. Can you take it out? Now each time I go through security it's a different procedure. One day the X-ray machines are working and I walk through there. Now I put my car keys and cell phone in one of the baskets and walk through and don't take my wallet out. No one says anything about the wallet.  Another time I'll go through and then get wanded and am not asked to remove my wallet. What gives? What is the correct procedure? Security theater, which way makes us safer? I think I might just leave my wallet/cash/credit cards at home so I don't endanger anyone in the ballpark.

Waistband Knife Belt Self Defense Boot Field Knife Dagger Outdoor Survival Gear.

 I wonder if anyone has gotten through the metal detectors with something like this. I am sure they have. I bet no one has snuck anything illegal into the ball park at all.

How about this money clip? I wonder if slip this in when I hold my money in my hand when I'm wanded.

This leads me into my next part of my complaints. I was in Sect 16's Delta Porch Last night and these three kids, could have been over 21 but didn't look like it to me, had beer, and were vaping right about the security guards head. Then they start screwing around and then spill beer on the security guard. Here he looked like he got a little mad. Like hey guys what's the deal. Quit it. Didn't say anything about the vaping until the kids spilled beer on him a second time. 

Now another thing I have noticed again is the ushers are letting folks just walk down during at bats again after the top off the fourth inning. It's getting annoying. YOU GUYS ARE CATERING TO THE STUBHUB CASUAL fan and not the fans who have spent their money over the years buying ticket plans and merch.

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