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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Mayor, Doc, and Daryl. When Does It Stop?

 There has been a thing that has been starting to really grind my gears over the last few months. A guy(who is a producer) that used to work with me back when I was working in production contacted me about if I knew any Mets fans that would want to be a part of a Doc and Strawberry documentary about how they have reconciled since the ESPN 30 for 30. Now I have known this guy for years and despite the fact that I am pretty Goonish I try to help out people that I know and am friends with if I can. He explained to me that this was supposed to be how the two former team mates were getting back together and having a talk about what made them not want to talk to each other again. I told him that I know some fans and maybe they would want to help out but I wasn't making any promises. He originally asked me about having fans come down to the Canyon of Heroes to greet Doc to give the feel of what the 1986 parade might have felt like. I said to him I'll let people know about it. If they want to go they'll go but I'm not going to hype it too much. He said cool thanks. Then that went away and then a few weeks later it became what Metspolice was writing about yesterday.


  This is from Metspolice-

Remember that weird thing the Mayor’s Office did where they randomly did a 1986 Parade reenactment and had Gooden come by?  Read the NY Times Story to learn more about this.  This topic needs to be discussed.  Someone put it in front of B&C

  This just seems to be getting more ridiculous. The city paid for the "ceremony" which this documentary (that has now become a TV SERIES) filmed. I have no idea why the city paid for this.

The city paid for the event, which had been conceived as a scene for a television series in development, produced by the sports radio host Amy Heart.

Read the whole article from the NY TIMES  here. 

  This just baffles me after working in the film business as long as I have (I am hearing rumors the Mayor did this because he was booed at Citi Field and wants Mets fans to like him and that's why the city paid for it. Again, rumors.) The more I hear about this the more it annoys me. I hope for my buddy that this is all cleared up and doesn't do any damage to his reputation of being a producer. The overall thing that is also annoying me is that I tried to help out a friend with something and every time I read an article about this it just gets me angry.

I'm going to be pretty transparent now.
  On opening day, I got a phone call from my buddy the producer and he asked if I was around at Citi Field. I told him yes, we were tailgating in the MTA lot over with The 7Line. He asked me if there would be any folks over there that would want to be interviewed for the documentary and also Doc and Daryl might stop by. I told him some folks might want to be on camera but don't expect any fake cheering and I thought it might be cool for them to swing by for people to get to meet them. I want to take the time to apologize to my buddy Darren from the 7 Line for having this intrusion on the tailgate. If you watch/listen to Orange and Blue Thing Show/Podcast, watch it here , you know his feelings on this. I have to tell you that Darren was on the money with what he thought about this.

So there you have it.

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